Its music time!

Always good to see images released into the wild. We have recently worked with a very talented musician by the name of Ricky Russell creating images for his new release on Spotify & iTunes. We spent the day in his studio creating images for his singles and EP's, the first of which has just been released. We had total control of the lighting, and a colour palette that reflects the oranges and blues often found with live performances on stage. Ricky is a gifted musician and it was important that his fluent ability to write and perform was reflected in his artwork. More to follow! #music #artwork #photography ©


Let's talk about.....

Voice overs! We love them and the results from using one dramatically lifts the production value of your video. The example below has taken what would have been a collection of clips / text and transformed the look and feel. Much better!

We would encourage any of our clients to adopt a voice over so please get in touch and talk to us about your next production….. with a voice over!

The Globe Girls

The Globe Girls are an amazing drag act that really entertain. They were performing at an awards ceremony and the shoot was one of our favorites. Here are a few pictures of the girls in action. If you would like to book them, please contact:



Tia Maria


London Edd here. I was recently asked to attend the Isle of Wight festival to photograph the goings on at the Cool Beans cafe run by Tai Maria. It was an amazing day, one of the best jobs I have ever worked on and the guys at Frukt really looked after me.

Fantastic portrait shoot


I have recently completed a few portraits for Darren Goad, an actor and a teacher of the arts including drama and sculpture. This is the start of a project that he and I are working on together to revive his headshot portfolio. Darren really likes colour so for this sitting, we broke out the colour gels and wrapped the flashes with deep blues and warm oranges. He also has a great sense of humour hence the Delia shot. As the shoot was taking place, he grabbed for the book and started an impromptu cookery sketch which had me in fits of laughter. It was so good I had to get a picture!